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Fandango Bistro Kelowna (click here)



George and I are always on the lookout for another new dining experience; one we can share with our B&B guests.  Last night we tried out the Fandango Bistro in Kelowna.  We discovered this through a Groupon ad and when we called the restaurant to make a reservation, the recorded message stated they would honor any Groupon coupon price, without the need for guests to actually have the coupon in-hand.  We were thrilled!  We decided to try it out in celebration of George’s 70th birthday.

This was a delightful find!  Our request for vegan plates was readily agreed to; the hostess/server was a hoot!; the food was delicious and the ambience perfect!

George had a creme brulee for dessert which came with a candle AND the Happy Birthday song.  It was a fun evening and we enjoyed it immensely.  We will highly recommend this bistro to our guests next year.


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