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The New Bench (click here)

Some of you know by now that George is happiest when he is puttering in his shop. This year, despite our travels and the many celebrations for his 70th birthday, he had time to be in his shop, doing what he loves best.  I found an old park bench at my favorite local antique/junk store.  It had broken slats; some painted colors of the rainbow, but the frame itself was solid metal.  I asked George to pick it up for me if he thought he could fix it up. Silly question!  Is there anything this man can’t fix?!


A Happy Man working in his shop

He replaced all the slats with beautifully bevelled and sanded/oiled new ones and painted up the metal frame.  It now has a place of honor in the garden gazebo under the trumpet vines.  There will be loads of hummingbirds hanging out down there throughout the summer.  Look for it when you next visit us!

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