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The Nest & Nectar Restaurant (Click Here)

vegan-dinnerGeorge and I visit restaurants throughout the Okanagan region, particularly during the winter season, to come up with some great recommendations for our guests.  Last week we were at the Nest & Nectar where we enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner:  started with ‘home-made” tortilla chips with chickpea salsa – delicious!  The main course, pictured here, was roasted pepper stuffed with brown rice, mushrooms and fresh asparagus.  This was plated with a spicy tomato vegetable sauce and a crunchy salad.  The dessert was a plate of fresh fruit including grapes, dragon fruit, vegan cheese, whole food crackers.  A great finish to a very pleasing meal!  We stayed for the theatre production of “Death by Design” by the Many Hats Theatre group.  A good one!

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