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Cantina Vallarta Restaurant

Always keeping in mind how our guests need to know of the good eateries in our area, George and I accompanied our great friends and neighbours, Debi and Larry, to the Cantina Vallarta for dinner last night.  It was like stepping out of the Okanagan and into Mexico!  This little restaurant on Main Street in Penticton (15 minutes drive away – we would spend 4 – 6 times that length of time driving to a restaurant in Vancouver when we lived there – and think nothing of it!) was like the little cantinas we have visited in our many trips to Mexico… rustic, busy, happy music, very friendly staff and excellent food!  We each ordered something different from beer to margaritas (all good!) and from stuffed zucchini to stuffed peppers and more!  All four dishes were delicious, perfectly cooked and praised!  Because of my gluten and dairy intolerance, I had to order a dish with some changes;  I had a shrimp quesadilla, minus the cheese, on corn tortillas which was served with re-fried beans, rice, salsa and guacamole.  It was DELICIOUS!  As I search for their web page for you, I note that they have two locations and are on Facebook under the name of Restaurante Mexicano Vallarta.  Our receipt has the name of Cantina Vallarta on it so I am not sure what name is official.  They do not as yet have a web page but I did find their location under Google.  What matters is the food, ambiance and drinks are worth stopping by… you decide!

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