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The variety of restaurants in the Okanagan will astound you!

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Hillside Winery & Bistro

A quiet day at the Western front meant we had time to test out another restaurant in our local area.  This time we had lunch at the Hillside Winery & Bistro in Penticton.  The upstairs outside patio was a delightful place to spend a lazy afternoon.  The sun was not too hot and there was […]

Lunch at Bench 1775 Winery & Bistro (click here for pictures)

George and I were out exploring again earlier this week.  We are ALWAYS on the look-out for wineries we have not previously visited, and new restaurant options for our guests. This week we drove over to the Naramata Bench and stopped in at the Bench 1775 Bistro.  George did a little tasting of his favorites; […]

Fandango Bistro Kelowna (click here)

    George and I are always on the lookout for another new dining experience; one we can share with our B&B guests.  Last night we tried out the Fandango Bistro in Kelowna.  We discovered this through a Groupon ad and when we called the restaurant to make a reservation, the recorded message stated they […]

The Nest & Nectar Restaurant (Click Here)

George and I visit restaurants throughout the Okanagan region, particularly during the winter season, to come up with some great recommendations for our guests.  Last week we were at the Nest & Nectar where we enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner:  started with ‘home-made” tortilla chips with chickpea salsa – delicious!  The main course, pictured here, […]

Eating out in the Okanagan

As we can personally attest, there are some great eating experiences in the Okanagan!  The best local restaurants tend to feature local produce including organic raised meats and fresh fruits and wines.  We recently enjoyed a delightful dinner at Bogners Restaurant in Penticton (a 15 minute drive from Summerland).  We suggest you visit their website […]


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