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2021 Season

Hello All Visitors!  I thought it time to update you on our restrictions for the B&B in this unusual Covid Pandemic year.  We only have the Dogwood Room open during this season and we must have some blank days on either side of any reservation.  We do a thorough clean of all surfaces (door knobs, […]

The Edge of Summer

We finally got some sunshiny hot weather! After the cool days and rain… but it has made the flowers and trees grow their very best! And thankfully no smoke this year! Yahhhh!!

End of Winter on the Lake

Its been a long cold winter but we are happy to see that spring is in the air. We have had an unusual phenomenon occurring this past week in that every morning their is a large skin of ice on Lake Okanagan. Apparently this is happening because the temperature is dropping quite cold during the […]

Another fall/winter activity around the Blue Iris B and B!

George decided the driveway needed “lifting” on the corner approaching the south deck.  It WAS getting harder for me to make that first step up onto the deck.  I had no idea it was such a big project… good thing his friend Werner offered to help!  Here are the pictures of the job, from start […]

The latest new Project at the Blue Iris B and B??!!

We are beginning an interesting new project, sure to please some of our future guests here at the Blue Iris!  We will begin remodelling my quilting room this winter into a kitchen/living room!  This will be part of the ground floor bedroom and bathroom which George finished some time ago.  The room is presently quite […]

At Last!!

No, I am not talking about Etta James famous song!  I am talking about finally finishing LAST year’s quilt project!  Ok, ok, it’s not COMPLETELY finished; I still have to do the binding once the whole quilt is finished, but the most difficult and time-consuming part is finished; the top!  WOOOOTT!!  In January, once its […]

Fall at the B&B!

Fall is a “slowing down” time for us. We are not as busy inside as we are in the summer. We sleep in longer and we tend to have a leisurely coffee before we get going in the day. But where we do spend our time is cleaning up the garden in preparation for winter. […]

Close of 2017 B&B Season!

Even the weather was sad to see the end of our 2017 Blue Iris B&B season:  the enclosed picture shows the surprise dump of snow we received on the 6th of November!  This was very unusual weather for us here in Summerland!  Normally we don’t get snow until just days before Christmas but this year, […]

Another Wildfire Update

For those of you concerned about the fires and smoke in the Okanagan Lake area, I wanted to provide a quick update.  We have a fire burning currently just outside of Peachland.  With the very odd wind conditions we are experiencing at the moment, the smoke is going straight up.  Despite the fact that the […]

An Update on the BC Wildfire Situation

If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago about the smoke in the Okanagan Valley, you might be interested to know how things are at present. There are no fires close to us, as of this morning.  The biggest fire is up north between Kamloops and Prince George.  This one does impact the […]

Apricot Ginger Jam 2017

The last batch of fresh apricots crossed my kitchen counter this morning!  We had parfaits of home-made granola, fresh apricots (compliments of J & J Orchards, just down the street!), home-made yogurt topped with strawberry compote.  The remaining apricots went into this batch of apricot ginger jam. I made apricot ginger jam last year and […]

Wild Fires in the Okanagan

We have had enquiries and cancellations recently regarding the wild fires in the Okanagan.  The media does tend to enlarge upon these things and don’t get me wrong!  I am not negating the experiences of those who were closer to the fires than we were!  We had heavy smoke over the Lake, below our house, […]

Swiss guests make a repeat visit!

Our favorite guests from Switzerland are back at the Blue Iris B&B, after a 3 year absence.  Sandra and Sandro first visited us on their honeymoon!  Now they are back with a family addition, Noah, as well as his maternal grandparents!  We had a lovely 6 day visit; helped Noah learn some English words; learned […]

Christmas in Summerland (click here)

We had a very special Christmas this year hosting our very special guests, Jim & Monita Bayles.  Jim wished his Mom to have an “at home” Christmas this year and asked us if we would host this for him.  We were pleased to do so.  George and I had fun experimenting with various recipes that […]

Winter in Summer Land? (click here)

Our B&B guests frequently ask us about the winter here in Summerland.  What better way to describe it than through a picture. This picture was taken from our deck, overlooking the Okanagan Lake, at Christmas time by one of our favorite guests.   Good job Jim! I also took this picture of the birdhouse in […]

Another 70th Birthday Celebration (click here)

Apparently its a tradition of Switchback Road for all the neighbours to secretly celebrate 70th birthdays with a special display.   We have heard of 70 ribbons, 70 balloons, 70 pink flamingos, etc.  This tradition held true for George’s 70th birthday in December!  I was dashing out the door early in the morning for my […]

Sunday Garden Work… (Click Here)

Grandma’s view: Our front garden is progressing well with the able help of our grandson Josh!  He moved more wheelbarrows of dirt than we could count!  Now we are awaiting the bark mulch to finish it off for this season.  Wait for more changes next year….  Driveway is all power-washed and looking good!  Thanks Josh! […]


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