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2021 Season

Hello All Visitors!  I thought it time to update you on our restrictions for the B&B in this unusual Covid Pandemic year.  We only have the Dogwood Room open during this season and we must have some blank days on either side of any reservation.  We do a thorough clean of all surfaces (door knobs, […]

2020 Opening Restricted

Due to the continued presence of Covid in the Okanagan, and throughout the world, we opened our B&B on the 1st of July with restrictions. For this season only, we will be accepting only phone-in requests for reservations. We are also restricting our opening to those guests who have been here before as well as […]

Close of 2019 Season!

That’s it for the Summer of 2019! Time to take the sign down. But in doing so, I am reminded of all the wonderful people who crossed our doorstep this summer and thereby entered our home and our lives. Thank you one and all. It was our pleasure to have you share this beautiful corner […]

The Edge of Summer

We finally got some sunshiny hot weather! After the cool days and rain… but it has made the flowers and trees grow their very best! And thankfully no smoke this year! Yahhhh!!

End of Winter on the Lake

Its been a long cold winter but we are happy to see that spring is in the air. We have had an unusual phenomenon occurring this past week in that every morning their is a large skin of ice on Lake Okanagan. Apparently this is happening because the temperature is dropping quite cold during the […]

Another fall/winter activity around the Blue Iris B and B!

George decided the driveway needed “lifting” on the corner approaching the south deck.  It WAS getting harder for me to make that first step up onto the deck.  I had no idea it was such a big project… good thing his friend Werner offered to help!  Here are the pictures of the job, from start […]

Change to Cancellation Policy

We have updated our cancellation policies and now charge an administration fee only for cancellations made LESS than 30 days of arrival!

Great to be Back in the Sunny Okanagan!

George and I just returned from a very relaxing 4 weeks in the Pfalz district of the Rhine Valley in Germany!  We spent a wonderful time with Werner and Kerstin, former guests who have now become very good friends!  Thank you both for hosting us and showing us German Christmas Markets, castles, palaces, wine tasting […]

The latest new Project at the Blue Iris B and B??!!

We are beginning an interesting new project, sure to please some of our future guests here at the Blue Iris!  We will begin remodelling my quilting room this winter into a kitchen/living room!  This will be part of the ground floor bedroom and bathroom which George finished some time ago.  The room is presently quite […]

At Last!!

No, I am not talking about Etta James famous song!  I am talking about finally finishing LAST year’s quilt project!  Ok, ok, it’s not COMPLETELY finished; I still have to do the binding once the whole quilt is finished, but the most difficult and time-consuming part is finished; the top!  WOOOOTT!!  In January, once its […]

Fall at the B&B!

Fall is a “slowing down” time for us. We are not as busy inside as we are in the summer. We sleep in longer and we tend to have a leisurely coffee before we get going in the day. But where we do spend our time is cleaning up the garden in preparation for winter. […]

The smoke has finally cleared!! Yahhhh!

After the big rain we had here in the southern Okanagan on the 27th of August, we woke up to clear skies, no smoke and the sunshine was out again!  What a wonderful surprise!  So we enjoyed our morning coffee out on the deck, for the first time in weeks!

The Bounty of the Okanagan

My friends shared the bounty of their tomato crop!  Kerstin and I made the most delicious tomato sauce from this big pile of perfect tomatoes!  Delicious with fresh basil from my deck garden!!

Still Smokey??

Yep, still smokey in the Okanagan!  No fires near us though.  This time we are told the smoke haze we are seeing across the lake is from Northern B.C. where fires are burning in the Cariboo (Quesnel area).  We cannot smell smoke here and the air looks like our usual winter haze, sunlight filtering through.  […]

Getting Ready for the 2018 B&B Season!

George and I are excited to be getting the house and garden ready for new and returning guests this spring, summer and fall.  With the in-house renovation completed in the Dogwood Room, we now turn to the garden and decks to spruce them all up just for you!  Today we power-washed the deck, deck glass […]

Dogwood Room and Bath now finished!

At last!  The reno’s are completed!  The rooms are back in order and they look beautiful!  George did his usual excellent job in renovating the tub/shower into a lovely walk-in shower.  There is no longer a tub in this room.  Both the bath and the bedroom have had a new paint job in a warmer, […]

New shower for the Dogwood Bathroom!

George is hard at it again:  this time taking out the old style bathtub/shower combination and putting in a large walk-in shower with rain-head.  He is doing the tiling himself this time and going through a learning curve of all the new materials available to “speed up” the job.  He watches a lot of You […]

Close of 2017 B&B Season!

Even the weather was sad to see the end of our 2017 Blue Iris B&B season:  the enclosed picture shows the surprise dump of snow we received on the 6th of November!  This was very unusual weather for us here in Summerland!  Normally we don’t get snow until just days before Christmas but this year, […]

Another Wildfire Update

For those of you concerned about the fires and smoke in the Okanagan Lake area, I wanted to provide a quick update.  We have a fire burning currently just outside of Peachland.  With the very odd wind conditions we are experiencing at the moment, the smoke is going straight up.  Despite the fact that the […]

Hillside Winery & Bistro

A quiet day at the Western front meant we had time to test out another restaurant in our local area.  This time we had lunch at the Hillside Winery & Bistro in Penticton.  The upstairs outside patio was a delightful place to spend a lazy afternoon.  The sun was not too hot and there was […]

Summertime and the Living is Easy! (click here)

The Penticton Farmer’s Market continues to be one of my favorite summertime activities!  The variety of goods sold at this market is always a bounty of the local fruits and vegetables, artists works, clever marketing, delicious foods to taste as well as wondrous ideas of creativity.  Last weekend I attended with my faithful sidekick and […]

Lunch at Bench 1775 Winery & Bistro (click here for pictures)

George and I were out exploring again earlier this week.  We are ALWAYS on the look-out for wineries we have not previously visited, and new restaurant options for our guests. This week we drove over to the Naramata Bench and stopped in at the Bench 1775 Bistro.  George did a little tasting of his favorites; […]

An Update on the BC Wildfire Situation

If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago about the smoke in the Okanagan Valley, you might be interested to know how things are at present. There are no fires close to us, as of this morning.  The biggest fire is up north between Kamloops and Prince George.  This one does impact the […]

Apricot Ginger Jam 2017

The last batch of fresh apricots crossed my kitchen counter this morning!  We had parfaits of home-made granola, fresh apricots (compliments of J & J Orchards, just down the street!), home-made yogurt topped with strawberry compote.  The remaining apricots went into this batch of apricot ginger jam. I made apricot ginger jam last year and […]

Wild Fires in the Okanagan

We have had enquiries and cancellations recently regarding the wild fires in the Okanagan.  The media does tend to enlarge upon these things and don’t get me wrong!  I am not negating the experiences of those who were closer to the fires than we were!  We had heavy smoke over the Lake, below our house, […]

Swiss guests make a repeat visit!

Our favorite guests from Switzerland are back at the Blue Iris B&B, after a 3 year absence.  Sandra and Sandro first visited us on their honeymoon!  Now they are back with a family addition, Noah, as well as his maternal grandparents!  We had a lovely 6 day visit; helped Noah learn some English words; learned […]

Cantina Vallarta Restaurant

Always keeping in mind how our guests need to know of the good eateries in our area, George and I accompanied our great friends and neighbours, Debi and Larry, to the Cantina Vallarta for dinner last night.  It was like stepping out of the Okanagan and into Mexico!  This little restaurant on Main Street in […]

Greata Ranch Winery renamed

It has been an absolutely gorgeous day in the Okanagan.  George and I started out for a hike to Hastings Falls in Peachland but due to the high water conditions (with both rain and snow melt), the 7 bridges and trail were closed due to dangerous conditions.  So we visited the Peachland Museum instead!  I […]

Happening around the Okanagan

At the moment, its the Spring Wine Festival from 4th to 14th, with all the local wineries open for tasting and purchasing!  And yes, we still have rooms avail for this time period.  Check out our reservations page!  The Greata Ranch Winery has been renovated and renamed the Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards.  They are now open […]

South Okanagan Spring Wine Festival

Despite the chilly weather we have been experiencing, we are confident its going to get warmer!  With the warm weather comes all the sporting and wine events of typical spring in the Okanagan.  The first that comes to mind is the South Okanagan Spring Wine Festival  Check out their web page for events throughout the […]

Include a Spa Visit during your Stay?

If you are planning on travelling throughout British Columbia during your visit to the Blue Iris Bed and Breakfast, you might wish to consider a luxury spa treatment at a nearby resort!   My neighbour and I had our second annual visit to Sparkling Hills Resort in Vernon, BC, this week.  What a treat this […]

Christmas in Summerland (click here)

We had a very special Christmas this year hosting our very special guests, Jim & Monita Bayles.  Jim wished his Mom to have an “at home” Christmas this year and asked us if we would host this for him.  We were pleased to do so.  George and I had fun experimenting with various recipes that […]

Winter in Summer Land? (click here)

Our B&B guests frequently ask us about the winter here in Summerland.  What better way to describe it than through a picture. This picture was taken from our deck, overlooking the Okanagan Lake, at Christmas time by one of our favorite guests.   Good job Jim! I also took this picture of the birdhouse in […]

Okanagan Farmer’s Markets (click here)

My neighbour Debi and I attended the last farmers markets of the season in December; an indoor market with so many beautiful items displayed for our perusal.  Just like the Summer Farmers’ Market in Penticton, every Saturday morning, the vendors bring their fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, wines, ciders, plants and every manor of cooked […]

Summerland Boat Rentals

Debi packed a great picnic lunch, George rented the boat  ( and we set off to explore Okanagan Lake on a hot sunny day at the end of June!  George is an experienced boat operator but he still took the short course on how everything worked on this particular boat.  We gals got to have the […]

Another 70th Birthday Celebration (click here)

Apparently its a tradition of Switchback Road for all the neighbours to secretly celebrate 70th birthdays with a special display.   We have heard of 70 ribbons, 70 balloons, 70 pink flamingos, etc.  This tradition held true for George’s 70th birthday in December!  I was dashing out the door early in the morning for my […]

The New Bench (click here)

Some of you know by now that George is happiest when he is puttering in his shop. This year, despite our travels and the many celebrations for his 70th birthday, he had time to be in his shop, doing what he loves best.  I found an old park bench at my favorite local antique/junk store. […]

Fandango Bistro Kelowna (click here)

    George and I are always on the lookout for another new dining experience; one we can share with our B&B guests.  Last night we tried out the Fandango Bistro in Kelowna.  We discovered this through a Groupon ad and when we called the restaurant to make a reservation, the recorded message stated they […]

New Headboard (Click Here)

Its finished!  For those guests who requested a headboard so the bed wouldn’t move away from wall when you are watching TV or reading a book, George has made a new headboard for the Maple Room bed.  This was a new adventure for George so it entailed many views of YouTube “how to’s” but its […]

The Nest & Nectar Restaurant (Click Here)

George and I visit restaurants throughout the Okanagan region, particularly during the winter season, to come up with some great recommendations for our guests.  Last week we were at the Nest & Nectar where we enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner:  started with ‘home-made” tortilla chips with chickpea salsa – delicious!  The main course, pictured here, […]

The end of our 2016 Season! (Click Here)

Fall is in the air, leaves are turning color, and our final guests have departed. Its winding down time for us at the Blue Iris B&B – until next spring!  We thank each and every one of the guests who crossed our door this year. We enjoyed having you all and look forward to next year!

Still to come? (Click Here)

Although the main renovations are completed and the house is beautiful, we still have plans for more to come! The gym and massage room; hot tub or no hot tub? And how can one live in this beautiful wine environment and not have a wine room? Still to come… Hanging of our artwork and pictures […]

Its Finally Finished! (Click Here)

Our new bathroom is now complete and we are receiving rave reviews on how it looks… wish you were here to see for yourself! In the meantime, here is a picture or two for you! You may notice the flower jug is shaped like a fish. It’s actually a fun but awkward drink pitcher that […]

It’s almost finished! (Click Here)

Our Maple Room bathroom renovation is almost complete… there was lots of work to get this done, starting last October!  But now its almost complete… take a look at the pictures!  George did a marvelous job building the cabinets…

What do we do at a B&B in the winter? (Click Here)

You may ask! We test new recipes; check out local establishments that we feel might be a “good find” for a guests; and RENOVATE!! We are always testing new tasty recipes for breakfast. Last year we took a breakfast cooking course – we learned to make the perfect poached egg! As I am allergic to […]

Summer Activities! (Click Here)

Take note of the following great summer activities in the Okanagan: – 13th and 14th of June in Summerland is “Heard it Through the Grapevine” festival weekend. Wineries are open for tastings and wineshop specials, as well as live music on the patio! Join us for this annual event! – then there is the Bluegrass […]

Giants Head Grind (Click Here)

Whether you walk, run or crawl, you are invited to climb the Giant at the annual Summerland hill climb! Come stay the weekend and we will carbo-load you! Race starts at 1 p.m. on Saturday, 16-May-15. Check out the web page for more details at

Attention Quilters! (Click Here)

The Annual Penticton Quilt Show will be held at the Penticton Convention Center on 9th and 10th of May, 2015. Book the weekend to see this show… well worth it! I’ll be there!!

Welcome to Our 2015 Season! (Click Here)

Welcome again to the Blue Iris B&B. We are gearing up for our 2015 season – painting, cleaning, gardening… getting ready for YOU! This year we have a number of outstanding festivals, acts, entertainers, etc. coming to the Okanagan. The Dream Cafe is having a special presentation the 1st and 2nd of May… check that […]


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