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Sunday Garden Work… (Click Here)

Grandma’s view:

Our front garden is progressing well with the able help of our grandson Josh!  He moved more wheelbarrows of dirt than we could count!  Now we are awaiting the bark mulch to finish it off for this season.  Wait for more changes next year….  Driveway is all power-washed and looking good!  Thanks Josh!

Josh’s view:

We decided to do some yard work on this beautiful Sunday morning, my grandma and I. We are working on renovating the front island after removing a bunch of overgrown evergreens, mugo pines and dogwood. The front yard and back yard near the driveway look much better and roomier after some of the sprawling conifers were removed, and now the other trees have more room to grow and be beautiful. We have already taken out the meters and meters of old sprinkler system in the island, fighting with entangled roots all the way, and were today working on moving dirt from the island to underneath the blue spruce in preparation for bark mulch in both places. The trusty lawn tractor and trailer proved to be not quite up to the challenge of a full load of dirt, and decided that spinning its wheels would be better than going anywhere, so grandma filled the wheelbarrow while I mowed the 3/4 acre of grass, avoiding the dozens of beautiful trees that dot the property. It took almost an hour, but I didn’t tip the tractor and the brakes didn’t fail! (again). After almost a dozen loads of dirt, the island was looking less lumpy and more like its ready for replanting. There are plans of doing something next year, exactly what hasn’t been decided, but for now things will be tidied up with bark mulch. After all of that dirt moving, we gave the front walk and driveway a wash down with the power washer. I don’t think its ever been washed before! We got rid of the concrete eating lichens on the driveway and cleaned up the moss on the sides. The sidewalk practically sparkles after having years of dirt washed away. I was almost afraid to park on the driveway afterwards, it looked so clean. With the island almost completed, our vision of the yard and landscaping is close to reality. Don’t be deceived though, only the front is being worked on. The rest of the yard remains a dappled Eden, complete with quail, robins, sparrows, humming birds, doves and deer. My favorite spot is the little sitting area at the end of the path, right next to an ancient cherry tree with a perfect view of the valley and lake below. Perfect for tea, or maybe a cigar (but don’t tell grandma!).



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