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Another Wildfire Update

For those of you concerned about the fires and smoke in the Okanagan Lake area, I wanted to provide a quick update.  We have a fire burning currently just outside of Peachland.  With the very odd wind conditions we are experiencing at the moment, the smoke is going straight up.  Despite the fact that the wind direction is north to south, the smokey haze over the Lake is no more dense than it has been this fire season!  The fire bombers are flying a continuous loop from the Penticton airport to pick up the fire retardant and over the flames and back again to re-load.  I am extremely grateful for these experienced pilots who take such risks to help us out during this horrendous fire season, as we have experienced this year.  For more information, please check for more information.  Please call (250-494-7311) or email (  if you have any concerns regarding your reservations and ability to get here safely.

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